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– The lampshade is 175 to 290 mm in diameter. It can meet the thermal needs of most foods without worrying about the small size of the lampshade.

– High Quality Metal Brushed Material: Food heat lamp with high quality stainless steel lampshade and heating bulb 250W,rugged, high temperature resistant, no deformation. Uniform heating, good food insulation effect. Can be used for home and commercial.

– Kitchen Catering Equipment: The buffet heating lamp is a new product in the hotel restaurant and buffet. It can keep the food warm, prevent the food from getting cold, avoid frequent heating, and maintain the original taste of the food.

– Keep Warm: You need the food heat lamp in your restaurant, it keeps food and dishes warm, avoids frequent heating and changes the original flavor of the food, customers and employees will love it.

– Widely Used: You can use the turnox heating lamp in your home kitchen, buffet, hotel restaurant, school cafeteria, various gatherings, even on the bar of the office kitchen.

Anti-Counterfeit Policy

Counterfeiting is in most countries illegal and it leads to the manufacturing and distribution of products without quality controls of any kind. for protection reason, Every TURNOX product has a laser label to protect our customer.


Create an inviting atmosphere and let customers know you have delicious, warm food ready with the PRO series Heat Lamps decorative retractable ceiling mount heat lamp in an attractive chrome finish! The body of this lamp is made of heavy gauge aluminum, and it has a clear enamel topcoat that reduces tarnishing and the need to polish its surface. PRO series provides different shade style and is mounted on a retractable cord that adjusts from 29 to 187 cm so you can position it at the exact spot you desire. Its ceiling mounted design means that there are no wires on the ground, eliminating a potential safety hazard. Plus, an on/off switch and a 250W infrared heat bulb is included for maximum convenience and safety.

Now you can develop your own TURNOX decorative heat lamp

1. Voltage: 110V or 220V

2. Choose Model: PRO-R or PRO-C.

3. Shade Style: FS-L01, FS-L02, FS-L03, FS-L04, FS-L05, FS-L06, FS-L07,FS-L08,FS-L09,FS-L10.

4. Color: Bright Brass, Bright Stainless, Bright copper, Antique Nickel, Red, Blue, Matt Black, Silver.

5. Track Color: PRO-R (Black), PRO-C (Standard) will follow your Shape color.

6. PRO-R is Retractable Cord, PRO-C is optional Overall unit length: from ceiling to heat lamp shape.

7. Clearance: from bulb to surface.



Retractable Cord


Custom Round Tube

Shade type:


















Matt Black



Need more custom? Please contact our sales

The PRO-C Decorative Lamp is a versatile lighting solution that not only maintains the warmth of your food but also adds a touch of style to your space. These lamps feature a sleek design, combining functionality with unique decorative effects. Easy to install, they offer various customizable options to suit your preferences.

Overall Unit Length: For PRO-C, you can custom length from ceiling to bottom of the lampshade 

PRO-C (Customize your lamp)

At Turnox, customers have the freedom to mix and match their preferred lampshades and colors. Additionally, they can customize the length of the food warming lamp. Kindly inform us of your desired overall length, and we will tailor the central column accordingly for you

Different Styles

Choose from a variety of styles ranging from modern to classic, catering to your unique taste.

Lampshade Styles

Pick a lampshade style to create unique light and shadow effects while keeping your food warm.

Top Cover Colors

Customize the colors of the lampshade and top cover to perfectly complement your interior decor.

Overall Length

PRO-C allows you to customize the length from the ceiling to the bottom of the lampshade, ensuring the perfect hanging height.

More customization

More customization options to craft a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture: